I mowed until the wheels fell off

Seriously, I mowed grass until the wheel fell off the lawnmower. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics.

It was epic though. The backyard was beating the hell out of me, what with all the holes from cow feet and ruts from massive rain runoff and bumps from mole holes and shit. I have several muscle aches on both sides of my back, and multiple scratches on my face and neck from tree branches that didn’t want to get the hell out of my way.

side note: Today’s adventure in mowing the grass was much more pleasant than the last time. The cowshit is gone, so this time I could actually smell the fresh cut grass. I could also smell all of the other things that were getting mowed down. I kept catching floral scents, and sometimes even a hint of sage.

I was bouncing along, mowing the insanely overgrown backyard, when all of a sudden the left front wheel was rolling across the ground and the axle was dug into the dirt. I broke the lawnmower before it could even cut the entire yard once.

Lucky for us, the neighbor across the street is a tractor & heavy equipment repair expert and he got it back together in no time. Even better, he said he’d trade me the quick fix he did for one of the cantaloupes we sell at my work.

When I told Sunshine what had happened, he mentioned it to the guy that gave us the lawnmower. Turns out, the front wheels were missing the cotter pins that hold them on the axles, so the neighbor is going to come check the other wheel in the morning.

Until then, I guess I’ll sit here and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass.


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