Road Trip

Sunshine has been in the ArkLaTex for the last week working on some masonry projects that will buy us some time to get some shit done around here without having to worry about money. While he’s been there, he has been wrestling with that truck I mentioned yesterday.

Yeah, that one. The one that has been having mechanical issues almost constantly lately.

He called me yesterday to ask me if I wanted to bring him the other truck so he could tow our boat home.

side note: boat. Break Out Another Thousand. As in dollars. Boats are expensive. We’ve owned it for a year now and it has been on the water less times than I have fingers on one of my hands, and yet it has required an extensive amount of work and parts. I’m not sure why we even still have a boat since we no longer live on a lake, but whatever Sunshine. When it comes time to start getting rid of shit because nobody needs as many cars and trucks and boats and shit as we all collectively have, y’all fuckers better not look at my ONE CAR owning ass before y’all fuckers get rid of some of your duplicates, extraneous shit, and shit that never gets used. Like boats. I digress.

My answer was “no, I don’t want to drive to the ArkLaTex, so tell me what you need me to do and I’ll do it”.

So today I’m off to the ArkLaTex in the good truck so we can use it to bring home a boat.

A boat.

I’m bringing a boat to the farm. If you can figure that one out, please let me know. Because I haven’t got a clue.


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