Amish weedeater

We have a problem with the grass here. There’s a lot of it. And it rains a lot in Texas ever since Sunshine gave me a rain stick for Christmas two holidays ago. And we don’t own a lawnmower. I know, it’s getting ridiculous at this point, all these acres of grass and nobody thinks it’s a priority to obtain a lawnmower.

Even worse than that, when the grass DOES get mowed, nobody really weedeats. I’ve managed to keep some of the stuff closest to the house under a little bit of control. But the fenceline is out of control and getting insane. We aren’t going to talk about the treeline around back, or the area around the pond on the side of the house. It would take an entire herd of goats to do something about that, with an entire herd of sheep thrown in for good measure.

So I’ve gotten sick and tired of waiting for Sunshine to help me weedeat the fenceline.

Yesterday morning, I took matters into my own hands. amish weedeater

I see all these posts on the book of face that go something like this: “if you remember what this is, hit like comment amen and share” under some obligatory picture of old devices.

I’m gonna one-up those posts. “If you ain’t Amish and still use one of these in this day and age, then you can talk to me about what this is”


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