How long does cowshit last, anyway?

Yesterday, it was time to break out the weedeater and start that process again.

I managed to get a bit of overgrown weeds and shit whacked away before I decided that weedeating is bullshit and gave up for the day. In my defense, I had just spent hours at the bank opening a new account, at the clinic trying to get an appointment with a doctor, and at the grocery store buying something to eat (hey, I was hungry). So weedeating was most especially not fun yesterday.

Sunshine gave up on his assigned tasks for the day around the time I gave up weedeating. He headed off to the woods to try and find a wild boar to shoot (hey, I’m hungry). Mollie and I decided to wander around the yard and smell things.

Until Mollie found a pile of cowshit and rolled in it.

That cowshit is two weeks old. How the hell is that shit still runny?

My guess is rain.

No matter, it is what it is.

And what it is is cowshit. What it is is stinky. What it was was on my dog.

She got a bath. Now she’s shivering and pissed at me.

At least she smells better.


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