Cookies and pamphlets are the legendary slayers of red tape

I have no idea what the hell that title even means, but I have loved it since I first heard it. I first heard it years ago when I was at university. We were sitting around the lab talking about the most random things we had ever heard said, and one of my friends said that his nephew had said that “cookies and pamphlets are the legendary slayers of red tape”. That’s pretty random.

Now, if only it were true.

We’ve been here since the end of April, and I am wishing for some cookies and pamphlets, or a dragon, or something. The sheer volume of red tape I am having to wade through to get a Texas license, Texas titles on four vehicles, Texas based insurance on said vehicles, and a fucking Texas based bank account? Utterly insane.

I have discovered that I must provide no less than 5 (five) documents PLUS my Louisiana driver’s license to get a Texas license.

What in the everloving fuck is that about? From a state that constantly cries foul at any government regulation, government rule, federal state or local law, municipalĀ  ordinance, or whiff of government interference? That’s a lot of government nonsense.

It’s also a lot of dead trees.

I have printed more pieces of paper than I care to think about. These applications are ridiculous. This doesn’t account for all of the insurance e-documents I am having to print, birth certificates we’ve had to have states print, and various other bits of nonsense we’ve had to have printed up. I’m probably a hundred sheets of paper into this thing and I’m not even close to done yet.

It’s all very wasteful. It is a waste of resources, it is a waste of time, and it is a waste of energy.

Texas. Second only to Florida when it comes to crazy.


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