Weekly progress report

It’s been a slow week. The weather has been kind of gross, quite a bit of rain and an almost constant threat of severe thunderstorms. Sunshine has also had to make a couple of trips to the tribal doctors; the free healthcare he receives is great, it just leaves us down a pair of hands on the days he has to go.

So with the near constant threat of severe weather, and the actual occurrence of a mile wide EF4 monster just a short drive north of us, we all realized that a storm shelter needed to become a top priority.

I say “we” when what I really mean is that Sunshine and Mr. B realized a storm shelter needed to become a priority. Cindy here has defcon 1 level panic attics when severe storms threaten and has even offered to sell her beloved Volvo to finance a storm shelter. The rest of the crew finally got with the program after the tornado outbreak this week.

Our underground storm shelter will be installed in mid-June. This is a major milestone, as Sunshine and Mr B spent a lot of time debating what type of storm shelter to install; they even went so far as to start planning to convert an underground water storage tank into a storm shelter and install it themselves. I think they came to the conclusion that the engineering and labor involved in converting an underground water storage tank into a storm shelter, and then properly installing it underground was going to take far too long; hence the decision to call a company that will deliver and install a unit and have it over with. The water tank idea was not without its merits–if done properly, it wouldn’t have leaked water; we wouldn’t have to worry about lightning striking it and frying everybody in it; and while labor-intensive, it would have been cost effective. However, I think the consensus was “time is not on our side, let’s just get it done”.

I also got some more of the fungus infested cactus whacked away from the giant cactus clumps. I’m looking forward to seeing the cacti thrive, as the stupid cactus plants make my heart happy for some unknown reason.

We’ve also had to spend an inordinate amount of time dicking with the United States Postal Service. We have received absolutely no mail from our old post office box address, in spite of the fact that we hand delivered the change of address form to the employees at the branch where we rented the post office box. They tell me that our mail has been forwarded; since I have seen none of it, I can only assume that it has disappeared into some black hole in the universe (you know the one–it also eats socks when we do laundry).

Sunshine is almost done prepping the pink house for its facelift. If it will ever quit raining long enough, he can apply the spray-on-limestone finish Mr. B has selected.

I think I’m sick. I don’t think it’s anything major, just my usual allergy season ritual. Snot, head congestion, sore throat, possible chest congestion settling in, and vertigo. All quite lovely, no?

Hopefully, next week will bring us clear skies so that we can start really getting some shit done around here.


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