Sissy girl hands

I have sissy girl hands.

Which is OK, since I am a girl.

Except it’s not OK, now that I have blisters and cracks and scratches and shit on my hands from wielding axes and shovels and other implements of destruction on a regular basis. Being a stagehand in a previous life certainly prepared me for physical work, but it did nothing to toughen my sissy girl hands.

I’ve been stealing gloves from Sunshine’s stash, but those are all big strong man hand gloves, so they flop around and annoy the piss out of me.

Well, we were at a local farm & ranch supply chain store yesterday looking at giant underground water storage tanks (long story, we’ll worry about that another day). On our way to the checkout, Sunshine saw a display of gloves and told me to go check them out and get myself a good pair of work gloves that actually fit my hands. He also steered me toward ones with leather, to better protect my sissy girl hands.

They had a pair of tan and burgundy ones that I very much liked but I really struggled to get my hands in them. When I say they didn’t fit, I’m not talking an OJ Simpson kind of way–these gloves really were too small.

So I grabbed a pair of tan gloves with pink leather accents. Now, I am NOT a pink kind of girl. It’s just so expected, so stereotypical, so…basic. But they fit, and they were on clearance for a really really good price.

I am now the proud owner of some pink ass girly girl work gloves.

pink ass girly girl gloves

Now I can do my cactus farming and composting and brush clearing and weedeating in some country fried girly girl style.

final note: we went to this farm and ranch supply store looking at underground water storage tanks. What we left with was pink ass girly girl gloves, a t-shirt for Sunshine that says “life is simple. eat. sleep. hunt”, and a wonder-wiener flying dog toy for Mollie.

wonder wiener

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