Muppet Mitts

Yesterday I got a chance to crochet some. I enjoy crochet. I generally find it calming, especially when working on a recipe I’ve done before; new recipes often involve a lot of tearing apart (frogging) and starting over. (Yes, I call my patterns recipes. I got that term from a friend of mine back in the swamp. I liked it so much that I’ve adopted it)

I’ve found some pretty neat recipes on the internet. Like the reversible washable reusable swiffer sock

swiffer pad

and the broom handle duster that fits over the end of a swiffer handle, or you can take the handle apart and use a small section of it to make a feather duster

broom handle duster

I found a neato recipe for a dusting mitt, and I have some pretty eye-popping yarns so I’ve decided to call them “Muppet mitts” (work in progress)

muppet mitt bottom

and finally, a recipe for a scrubbing bubble like the ones in the commercials for that bathroom cleanser. (work in progress–he still needs a face but I have no black yarn at the moment)

scrubbing bubble side and bottom

I like that these recipes are for things that replace things that are sold as disposable. All those swiffer pads and shit use up resources and go into landfills. These can be washed and reused repeatedly. And some of them are kind of fun to look at.

final note: sorry for such a boring post, but the weather is shit today with a threat of severe storms (hail, wind, and possible tornados), and I have no local teevee reception, we gave up satellite teevee so I have no weather channel, the internet is running slow today, and the weather radio is barely receiving the forecasts. Which means that I am anxious as hell today, borderline freaking out. So I am hiding out in the pink house making muppet mitts and shit. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better weather day.


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