The random nature of learning to homestead

So, in the 10 days we’ve been here, a lot has happened and we’ve learned a bunch.

Hell, the learning process started long before we moved for Sunshine. He had to learn about lift stations so that we could install our RV hookups for the disposal of waste water.

We’ve had tornado watches with no storm shelter. We are going to have to learn about septic system leech fields and locate our lateral line off of the septic tank before we can install any sort of underground storm shelter. Because who wants to hide from tornados in a shelter that has been contamined with second hand poop?

We’ve had to deal with the neighbor’s cows, and subsequently learned that livestock laws in Texas are a convoluted fucking mess. Open range, fence laws, and so on and so forth; the laws governing cows can vary from one road to the next in the same county here in the great state of Texas. Some of the laws covering open range, fences, and the like go back to 1887 and were passed by a vote taken at Mr. So-andSo’s house, where ever that is, according to the county clerk.

I’ve learned about cactus plants, and applied that knowledge to some of the giant clumps of sickly looking cacti in the front yard. Sunshine got out there with a chainsaw and helped me remove some of the offending fungus infected tree trunks of dead cactus yesterday, so we shall see how well my newfound knowledge of cactus plants has been implemented.

As a result of learning about cactus plants (and that they are compostable), I’ve also learned about composting and we’ve subsequently built a compost bin that we have started filling with grass clippings and cactus parts.

I’ve learned about shade sails and looked at a large variety of ways to implement them. I think we’re about to actually order a couple from one of those big-box-store type websites, and it can’t happen soon enough. It’s hot as fuck in this magic bus, even with the air-conditioners running almost non-stop. And it isn’t even HOT in Texas yet when one considers what is coming in August and September.

My latest assignment came about as a result of discovering that the aforementioned big-box-store type website also sells chicken coops. Sunshine has now directed me to learn about chickens.

I can’t wait to see what comes next. It’s all been so random so far that there’s no telling what it will be.


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