This is for the birds

I don’t feel well today. We spent the morning unloading equipment off of Sunshine’s trailer and doing other stuffs and things around the house. I’m tired.

We still haven’t made any progress on the important things, like a storm shelter (with possible sever weather coming in just a few days), or a shade structure to protect the roof of the RV and help reduce the pounding we’re taking from the sun that basically turns this RV into an oven that the air conditioning struggles to cool.

We did make it over to the big property to check Sunshine’s game camera. We have wild boar! This is a good thing, as we could use the meat.

side note: ground wild boar meat makes some kick ass chili

While we were riding around in the jeep, Mollie jumped and spun and kicked and generally beat the shit out of me. So now, not only am I tired, I’m achy and sore. And the day isn’t over yet.

We are hopefully going to be building a compost bin this evening after the temperature drops a little bit. The first thing going into it is all that cactus I dug out of the cactus clumps the other day. Hooray for cleaning up messes!

Last night, I got to work on a crochet project I had in mind. We have all these little birds flitting around, and I wanted to make a little bag to fill with yarn scraps for them to use to build their nests.

This is for the birds.

for the birds


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