So, this happened.

We got here Thursday, in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, around lunchtime.

We actually almost got the entire house unpacked from the boxes it had been loaded into, but we ran out of daylight, and here in the country fried middle of the edge of tornado alley, there are no street lights to help you do stuffs after dark.

Night one? Thunderstorms. Our first full day here? A tornado watch. Last night? Thunderstorms.

What did I wake up to this morning?

No, not thunderstorms.




The neighbor’s cows. All of them. These cows actually escaped sometime yesterday afternoon. Nobody has bothered to round them up yet. So now these cows are eating everybody’s everythings. One of them looked Sunshine and I dead in the face and started eating leaves off of our favorite tree.

While I’m certainly not averse to having some cows or goats or something eat our grass–less for us to have to mow!-I am not looking forward to dodging all the cow patties that will now be scattered through our yard.


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