The big day is approaching

So we are moving at the end of April. Sadly, the big 200 acres property is still nowhere near ready for human habitation (shit, we’ve still got all kinds of trespassing and poaching going on there that even the game warden hasn’t been able to stop yet), but we are moving to a small property just 5 miles south of there.

Mr. B bought this smaller property as a crash pad for all of us while we were working on the big property, and that is where we are moving to. We have installed our RV hookups for water, sewer, and electricity and have put in our thirty day notice at the park where we currently live.

Sunshine originally didn’t want to take much out of the magic bus before we drove it to the new location, but a recent conversation with Mr. B has totally changed Sunshine’s mind. Mr. B recommends removing as much weight as possible from the magic bus before putting it on the road, so now I have to totally pack all the things and get them ready to be loaded onto a trailer to move them to the new place.

The good news is that not all of the things will have to go back into the magic bus when we arrive. Sunshine plans to put all of his hunting things in the pink house on the small property so that the magic bus no longer looks like a hoarder house. This is good news. Much of our storage has been overrun with hunting things: optics devices that I am pretty sure will never be used by Sunshine again ever, black powder, bullets, a gun safe filled with rifles and shotguns and optics devices, gun cleaning kits, hunting clothes, more hunting clothes, more black powder, crossbows and arrows and regular compound bows and so much more stuffs and things related to hunting that I find it hard to understand how people even live in this magic bus what with all the hoarding of hunting things.

All of the furniture must come out of the magic bus. All of the dishes and cleaning supplies and canned goods and toiletries and small appliances and where the fuck did all this shit come from? Better question: where the fuck am I going to find enough boxes for all this shit?

There is a cafe across the street that gets regular shipments from Sysco, and they have agreed to save all their boxes for us, but I don’t know that it is going to be enough. I got all their boxes yesterday and I’ve already used a not-insignificant quantity of them and haven’t made a dent in the amount of stuff that needs to be boxed up and moved. Shit, I don’t even know what to do with this shit, the trailer it will be going in for the move won’t be here until late in the evening on the 26th, and we move the 29th. Fuckity fuck.

Ok, rant over. Now let me go see what else I can box up and get ready to move now now now.

Somebody send caffeine, xanax, and good looking beefcake mover guys.



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