Rain. A lot of it.

So right now, the ArkLaTex is experiencing some major rain. We got somewhere in the neighborhood of 10″ of rain yesterday and overnight last night, with another 8″ to a foot expected by the end of this rain event, which will be sometime this weekend.

People that have lived here all their lives say that they have never seen the lake rise this fast. It has risen 2′ (that’s two feet) since lunchtime yesterday). It is rising scary fast.

We’ve witnessed (and helped with) a mass exodus of people and RVs and boats and ther property from the lowest lying areas on the lake. We had to go retrieve some of my Sunshine’s company’s equipment from a property where he has some work scheduled. (Obviously, that work is going to have to wait, as the property will be under several feet of water by the end of the weekend.)

It’s shocking to watch it all unfold. I’m going to go tuck in and watch teevee and hope I don’t float away.


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