Yarn stashes

Sunshine has killed a couple of wild boar lately, and we have a freezer full of wild boar meat. What Sunshine didn’t get this past hunting season was a deer. Our friend, R., got a deer but no wild boar. R. was getting burned out on deer meat and came to the house to trade some deer for some wild boar.

As R. was sitting there with Sunshine and chatting about stuffs and things, I randomly announced that I wanted some yarn and would like some money to go buy some. R. tells me to come to his house because he has five large boxes of yarn that he and his wife have been hauling around for the last 16 years.

He called her and she told him to tell me to come on, she hadn’t touched the stash in years and years other than to move it from one house to another every time they moved.

I almost peed my pants!

I went, and it was no lie.

There were five large boxes of yarn stash and I was told to take what I wanted.

(side note: seeing this stash made me feel less bad about my stash that had built up before I made Christmas gifts for everybody. This woman had a lot of yarn!)

So I went through the stash and pulled a good bit of yarn. I didn’t get greedy, I just took things I had projects in mind for. I tried to give her money for the yarn, but she wouldn’t have it. She said that she had bought most of it at a gong out of business sale at a yarn shop over 10 years ago, and she probably had less than $10 invested in the entire stash. So we agreed that I would make her a scarf and she pulled some more yarn out and sent it with me. She also told me that when I had used up the yarn I took, and got ready for more, to let her know and I could come back and get more yarn.

I made myself a little cosmetic bag that is being used to hold my pencil sharpener and other little thingies that I need when I’m coloring in my adult coloring books. My daughter-in-law saw it and requested I make her one to use for a wallet. I made her a hat, too. I’ve started a large crochet duffel bag. I’ve made some egg cozies for my AA sponsor (although I cannot understand for the life of me why somebody would put hats on their eggs). I’ve barely made a dent in the supply I brought home with me.

These are the kind of problems that I like to have.

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