Patience might be a virtue, but it ain’t one of mine

So there hasn’t been much progress made on the community property since the road got graded. As a matter of fact, I think we’ve regressed a tiny bit. We’ve had so much rain in Texas this year, and it washed out some parts of the road. Those parts haven’t been repaired yet, and as far as I can tell there has been no progress on obtaining the gravel that is needed for it.

While I am terrified at the thought of opting out of conventional consumerist society and returning to something like this country’s FFA roots, I am also not a patient person. The more things drag along, the more I hate living in a tourist town with all of the weekend drunken mess that goes on in said tourist town. The longer we are here in this tourist town the less I like it. The longer it takes to get moved away from here, the more I hate my very part-time job of cleaning up after tourists and hunters and people that are here for the fishing. I suppose it’s better than having to work retail, cleaning up the aisles after rampant consumerism has run amok for the day, but that’s small consolation.

Sunshine and I decided to opt out of New Year’s Eve celebrations this year and headed to the pink house near the community property. We had a lovely and quiet weekend and kind of forgot it was supposed to be a holiday. There was no Christmas tree or any of that in the pink house, and the neighbors are far enough away that I don’t know if they still had theirs up or not.

There is a simplicity to things out there. We spent a late morning gathering firewood for the wood burning stove, and an afternoon wandering through the fields and trees with little Mollie, who thought that was the greatest thing ever.

We returned home yesterday and I’m sitting here today hating this feeling of being in limbo. Patience might be a virtue, but it sure ain’t one of mine.

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