10 days in the middle of nowhere

So Sunshine’s kid spent Thanksgiving Day in a hospital.  It was his third hospital visit in a week’s time. Sunshine told the kid to get his ass to Ada, OK, where they receive comprehensive, free health care from their tribe. Sunshine, being the concerned parent that he has grown to be, wanted to go to Ada with the kid, and tried to convince me that I could be Sunshine on his job sites.

For the record, no, I cannot be Sunshine on his job sites. So I volunteered to go to Ada with the kid.

Two hospital visits and just over 24 hours later, we were no closer to answers than before we headed that way. They were trying to get the kid scheduled for some tests, so we headed for the pink house near the community property to wait it out. It’s only an hour and a half from the tribal health care complex, so it was a good compromise, and I was grateful Mr. B told us to make ourselves at home.

The first night we were there, the kid started vomiting again, and there was no way in hell we were going to make it the hour and a half to the clinic without filling the car with vomit, so we went to the local ER. We got lucky. The nurse in charge of the kid and the doctor on call were not letting us leave without answers, and 5 hours later we left that ER with a diagnosis and a treatment plan. We headed back to the pink house for some bed rest and to wait for the tribal clinic to schedule the tests.

The kid was an absolute shitheel while we were there, so I was grateful as fuck for the distractions of finding firewood and doing laundry. I was also grateful for the acreage–I needed space to escape the little turd.

Sunshine showed up after several days of dealing with his shitheel kid, and just in the nick of time because I was ready to kill the little fucker and throw his corpse in a pond.

The kid went to the tribal clinic for a follow-up, and got his release to return to work in a few days. He left the same night, adn I got to spend some quality time in the middle of buttfuck nowhere with my Sunshine and our little Mollie.

While I enjoyed the quiet and the simplicity of those few days out there with Sunshine, I did miss the comfort of my own home. I missed the ease of being surrounded by my own things. Lucky for us, our magic bus will relocate to the middle of buttfuck nowhere rather easily.



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