I’m still working my way through the yarn hoard. I’ve made significant progress, but there’s still quite a bit of yarn left that I just can’t bear to toss out or give away. I did give away a lot of yarn to a friend who is teaching her daughter to crochet, and I sold some yarn also. At least it all fits in my craft chest these days, so that counts for a lot, right?

I’ve started looking at what’s still in there just begging to be used for something constructive, and I think I am going to be making some hats to donate to a local program that helps homeless addicts with children.

I suppose it’s that time of year, when we all look at our lives and reflect on what we’re grateful for and all that happy horseshit, or maybe it’s just the cold wind that blew like crazy the other day, but I can’t think of a better thing to do with some of this yarn than to make hats to give to that program. A very similar program helped me when I first got clean, and I’ve always been told that I can’t pay back the help that was given me–I must pay it forward.

So I shall make hats, and donate them to this program, and make room for more yarn. 😉


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