Freezing temperatures

We saw our first freezing temperatures of the season last night.

We also had power outages.

I woke up around 1:30 this morning to the sound of the carbon monoxide detector over my bed going shit crazy, which it oddly does when the power goes out and there’s anybody in the room with it. That carbon monoxide detector is in a brilliant location, as there is a furnace unit built in under the bed, and the on-board generator is also under the bed (although not on the inside of the RV).

I got up and reset the carbon monoxide detector and grabbed all the warm things I could carry and dragged them to the couch along with my Mollie. The puppy and I tucked into the cushions on the couch and snugged in together trying to stay warm until we got some power back to make heat. The carbon monoxide detector up front isn’t as quirky as the one in the back, so I knew we wouldn’t wake up to that annoying fucking beeping.

I couldn’t start the generator to make heat because the fucking  battery is dead and I have no jumper cables if Sunshine isn’t here, so I lay there on the couch snugged in under that pile of bathrobes and blankets and tried to calm my little doggie. Poor Mollie, she gets so upset when the power goes out, and all I can do is comfort her.

The fucking power faded in and out for a short time, then it went out completely. It stayed off for a bit, and I finally drifted off to sleep. About the time I got to sleep, the power came back on, so I turned on some heaters and went to get the dog and head to bed. The fucking power went off again. I tucked back into the couch with Mollie and just tried to sleep.

As Mollie and I snuggled there, all I could do was be grateful that we had insulated the RV so well. We didn’t get too cold while the power was out. We weren’t snug as bugs in rugs but we weren’t uncomfortable.

The power finally came back on to stay a few hours later.

I feel like shit from lack of sleep, but I’m grateful the bus stayed above freezing until the power came back. That insulation paid off in more ways than one.

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