My annual rampage

So once a year or so, I realize that Sunshine’s shit has taken over the magic bus and I go on a rampage of cleaning donating, and flat out tossing. It’s generally his hunting shit that has exploded all over the place. The man has bag after bag after bag of hunting clothes that stay outside in a shed for most of the year; during hunting season, it stays inside because he doesn’t want to go out into the cold to get his hunting clothes at 4 in the morning before he goes hunting. I don’t understand why every single item of camouflage clothing has to live inside, but whatever.

Over the last year, he has started making his own black powder and casting his own bullets. Now we have quite the stockpile of gunpowder and bullets inside the house. He has also been on one hell of a buying spree for the last year and a half, acquiring more guns and bows and arrows and fuck knows what else.

The amount of hunting shit that had built up inside the magic bus was absolutely fucking insane, but it didn’t end there this year.

There was a growing pile of Christmas presents. All that yarn finally got converted into gifts, and I boxed and wrapped them all. It was absolutely insane.

Sunshine had the day off a few days ago, and I think he was expecting to lay around watching “Law & Order” reruns all fucking day. I was struggling to clean up the kitchen and realized that there was no fucking room to move inside our home.

I went on a rampage, boxing up Christmas gifts to ship to people we won’t be seeing during the holiday season. Sunshine told me to pile up all of his hunting clothes and such so that he could take it to the middle of buttfuck nowhere to live since he only hunts over there now.

It didn’t take him long to realize that a day of “Law & Order” reruns was not happening, and he looked at me and said “I think I’m going to get out of here for the day.” I looked him dead in the eyes and told him that I thought that was a good idea.

I found the most random shit. I won’t list it here. I donated shit. I packed shit up for him to take to his hunting area. I packed shit up to ship to family. I got a pile of shit ready to give Sunshine’s kid the next time he’s in town, as these are family things that we don’t have space to display. I cleaned out old papers and catalogs and newspapers and magazines and put them in a bag to go to storage until we can make fire-bricks out of them.

Sometimes it amazes me, the amount of shit we can cram into the magic bus. What’s even more amazing is how much unnecessary shit we can cram in here. It’s got to stop.

Where does all this shit come from?

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