This rainy weather is getting to me

It’s been rainy here an awful lot this year. Our spring rainy season lasted clear into June. The lake I live next to flooded, the Red River flooded; hell, half of Texas flooded and there was incredible destruction. FEMA was busy in Texas this year.

We went from an extended and extreme rainy season into summer and drought. The lake I live next to actually was a foot low until last week, when El Nino started showing its ass. The lake is now pretty much full, and there is more rain coming tomorrow and Friday. They are predicting a wetter and cooler winter than usual for us, too.

Today the sun came out, and I thought I was enjoying it. Until I realized that I was thinking about the area we are moving to and thinking about how, by moving there, we are moving closer to the end of the world.

We’re moving to a tiny little pinpoint on the map that is about 10 miles south of the Red River (and the Oklahoma state line). Oklahoma is tornado central. Oklahoma has also experienced a huge upswing in seismic activity, most certainly due to fracking.

The rainy, gloomy weather must be getting to me. The property we will be moving to is stunningly beautiful. It smells so clean up there. It’s so quiet there. It’s peaceful there.

And yet, there I was, thinking that we were moving closer to the end of the world.

I can be so ridiculous, right?


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