A puppy party

According to the vet’s best guess, my Mollie was born sometime in October, so we celebrate her birthday on Halloween every year. She gets a few new toys and some special gourmet doggie snacks that I get in bulk at the local pet store.

This year, Sunshine was over in buttfuck nowhere working towards our future community and doing some hunting. He had taken his nephew, who is also an employee, to help him get things done. The nephew doesn’t hunt, so when the work was done, he needed a ride back to the ArkLaTex.

Sunshine and I decided that this was a perfect opportunity to give our Mollie a puppy party in the woods, which is her favorite place. We made hot dogs and had cupcakes and ran and ran around the woods and pastures.

Sometimes, the simplest things are the absolute best, and sometimes my Mollie is smarter than I am. She just looks at me like I’m crazy if I ask what time it is. For her, it’s always RIGHT NOW, and right now it’s time to play. Or run. Or roll in something stinky. Or lick somebody’s face. Or squeak a toy.

Mollie is definitely on to something there, which is part of why we want to move to buttfuck nowhere. Sunshine said it best when he said he wanted to “work less and hunt more”. I want any work I do to feel fulfilling, and I don’t want my work to feel like it is contributing to the consumerist rat race.

I’m looking forward to the day when we can make it like a puppy party for Mollie every single day.


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