So I’ve had this Lucchese belt since the late 90s. Which means that it hasn’t fit since 2005 or so. See, once I got clean (stopped doing meth), I started eating and experienced “growth in recovery”. The belt was 24″, and it was ordered too large by the pros at Lucchese San Antonio to give me room to gain weight, so it actually fit for a while after I got clean.

However, all good things must come to an end and my days of wearing that belt have long since passed me by. I’ve been holding on to that belt for years now, not knowing what to do with it. It was a beautiful belt, black gator with a sterling and onyx 3 piece buckle set, and the whole thing was obscenely expensive in the 90s which means that I would never be able to replace it today.

So I was browsing around on etsy one day and saw some necklaces with leather pendants and realized that I could upcycle this belt and actually WEAR it again, just not as a belt.

So I got Sunshine, with his strong brick mason’s hands, to pull the silver and onyx tip off the end and cut the belt into pieces that I could attach to a necklace with jump rings. We saved the 3 piece buckle set so that I can save up my cash and get a nice belt that fits me to put the buckle set on.

Here is my necklace that I made out of the belt. I rather like it.



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