Forecast: rain

So there hasn’t been a lot of progress at the property where we want to start a community. It isn’t by choice.

The potential toxic barrel dump has been cleaned up. Turns out that the barrels once contained stuff that EPA isn’t worried about, so the cleanup wasn’t as major as we had feared. A crew came in and began the process of making the official driveway/road, but they’ve been held up waiting for rain to come along and pack the dirt. Much of Texas has had an extremely dry summer, which is weird after the massive flooding that happened this spring.

However, all of that is expected to change starting now. Heavy rains have moved into the Texas panhandle already, and it is expected to spread eastward over the next few days. The property is located solidly in the area that is expected to see as much as 9 inches of rain over the next 5-6 days.

That might wind up being too much and wash out the freshly graded driveway/road and set us back while washouts are graded again.

I’m going to sit back and enjoy the cooler weather, and cross my fingers hoping that it isn’t devastating torrential rain that sets us back, destroys property, and endangers lives.

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