I love my swiffer but…

I love my swiffer floor duster/mopper. It isn’t one of those swiffer wet jet thingies that squirts cleaning fluid on the floor. It’s just a stick with a flat surface that holds the dry and wet mopper pads. I love that stupid swiffer far more than anybody should love a fucking stick.

What I don’t love about swiffers is the waste. All those disposable dry mopper and wet mopper pads. Even if I used both sides of the pads, that’s still a lot of shit going into the landfill.

Well, in my searching for patterns of shit to crochet, I stumbled across patterns to make reusable swiffer covers.

The skies lit up and angels sang.

OK, so there was no celestial light show or choir. But it was still a pretty awesome moment.

So I made myself a reusable swiffer cover pad. One side has big fluffy loops that are perfect for dry dusting the floor and catching all those dust bunnies and hair tumbleweeds that hide in corners. The other side is flat for wet mopping.

here’s a link if you’re wanting to make one for yourself: http://makezine.com/2010/03/12/craft_pattern_crocheted_revers/

Now I can use my swiffer without feeling guilty for creating so much waste!


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