More about efficiency

So Sunshine did some research and then he talked to a solar panel sales guy and together they did some maths and the solar panels we would need for our current rates of electricity usage? Frightening.

Honestly, it wasn’t that many, and the cost wasn’t that astronomical. It’s just that, for what we are wanting to do, it seems a lot. So Sunshine is now researching geothermal for our heating and cooling needs because HVAC is typically one of the largest chunks of electricity consumption. Hypothetically, I love this idea. In theory, I’m not sure how that’s going to work. I mean, I watch HGTV and DIY and I’ve seen the equipment that comes along with geothermal, and I’ve seen the specialized teams they have to bring in, and all of that is for a HOUSE. We live in a magic bus, which may as well be a yellow submarine for how well equipped a magic bus is to hold a geothermal system.

And yet, we have to figure out something. My allergies and COPD won’t let us give up conditioned air, even if Sunshine was willing to sleep without the a/c set on “meat locker” (which he isn’t).

I’m starting to wonder if we shouldn’t look into building a tiny house. At least with tiny houses, real building materials are used. Like spray foam insulation and very nice, efficient windows that block so much heat. The only problem is cost. We’ve already paid for the magic bus. We do NOT want a mortgage. And then, what would we do with the magic bus? Maybe his kid would like it, he is interested in joining the community…

It’s a conundrum, for sure.

On a positive note, we saw drastic reduction in our monthly electric bill after we insulated and removed the third air conditioner. And when I say drastic, I mean like 40% (if I did my maths right, which is always questionable). I’m proud of us for that, but it has me wondering how else I could reduce our electricity usage…

And my first target is the hot water heater. Time to get Sunshine to research on-demand hot water heaters. I KNOW they can be installed in an RV, the neighbor has one, for fuck’s sake.


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