Progress at the future community

So Sunshine went with Mr. B to the middle of buttfuck nowhere this past weekend and they did some things. The rusty barrel cleanup got kicked off, and the driveway got planned and scheduled.

They have planned a 90′ wide entrance, which Sunshine seems to think is excessive. Sunshine forgets that not everybody is as skilled at driving really big vehicles pulling really long trailers as he is. Some of us need more room to maneuver, and that’s ok.

After the driveway is finished, Mr. B will get a well drilled so that there will be good clean country well water for the residents. I miss well water. We had it when I was a kid. Shit, my grandparents even had a little wellhouse that had a crank that would lower a bucket down and let you get fresh cold well water in the middle of the hot Georgia summers.

Once the well has been finished, it will be time to think about electrical service. While we want to be as off-grid as possible, we also know that we won’t be able to be completely off grid at the beginning. Mr. B is being smart about the electrical, though. Since the middle of buttfuck nowhere is smack in the middle of the start of tornado alley, he is going to be burying all the cable. Which is a big job.

But things are in motion, and not in such a haphazard way as they were when Mr. B and Sunshine were searching for the perfect property. All in all, I’d say they had a productive weekend.

And I got a job that will bring in some extra cash in the interim! YAAAAY ME!


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