So I have made some more Christmas presents! I got three and a half knocked out Sunday. It wound up being just the morale boost I needed, as the wreath is now about 75% complete and what is complete is assembled. I just have to decide whether to by a pre-made bow for the remaining space, or make some more amigurumi food things. I’m just pleased as punch at the progress I’ve made.

I’ve also gotten the gifts for my family wrapped up. I KNOW, it’s ridiculously early for all that. But remember, I live in an RV. So the yarn hoard was taking over half the free space in here, and the pile of finished gifts was taking up the other half. So, I got my family’s wrapped so that I can ship them. My mom has plenty of house in which to store them until the holidays.

As I was assembling the wreath and wrapping gifts this afternoon, I also managed to dig through the yarn hoard and find what I knew I was finished with and put it in a pile.

side note: I don’t usually multitask. For reasons. Reasons like the mess that currently consumes my entire RV. I’ll clean it after I get done patting myself on the back.

As for the destash, it is pretty impressive thus far. Pipe cleaners, colored craft sticks (aka fancy dyed popsicle sticks that they label as craft sticks and charge three times as much for them), and yarn. Lots of balls of yarn. I’ve gotten in touch with a friend who works with kids at the local church on Wednesday afternoons, and found out that they do crafts with the kids sometimes. I told her I would gather up a pile and let her know when it was ready.

I’m hoping that I will have some more to add to it by the end of this coming weekend, but if not I’ll have her come get what is in a pile.

I live in an RV, I don’t have room for all this stuffs.


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