Making Christmas presents

So I have this list of Christmas presents to make.

And I have made almost half of them.

Then I decided that I am making a wreath for my friends Mimi & Papaw. This wreath will have all these Christmas food things on it. Little crocheted hershey kisses, little crocheted mugs of cocoa, little crocheted cookies, macrame candy canes, and a crocheted gingerbread man. So I decided that this wreath needed to be made before I made all those hats and scarves that I am going to be making. Because all those amigurumi Christmas food things are time consuming, and assembling them into a wreath is going to be time consuming.

I’ve been working on that wreath for two full days and some change now, and I am getting tired of not feeling like I am making progress. I’ve made most of the amigurumi food things and now it is time to think about assembling the wreath so I can see how many more are needed to make it look full and rich.

I think it’s time to set it aside for a few days and make some hats and scarves and such.

The hoard is making me twitch. There is so much yarn that I can’t find the yarns I need for the wreath when I get done with one amigurumi and get ready to start on the next. There is so much yarn that I quit trying to put it in the craft chest.

I like organization. My closet is so very organized; it kind of has to be, considering how tiny the closets are in an RV. Same with the pantry, the bathroom vanity, the entertainment center… All this yarn hoard is starting to make me twitch with anxiety.

For my sanity’s sake, I’m going to set the wreath aside for a while and make some scarves and hats.

It’s time to clear out the yarn hoard, since its whole reason for being is for making Christmas presents.

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