Holding Pattern

So we have been in a bit of a holding pattern lately. We cleared a rough path through the property for the beginnings of a road, THEN Mr. B brings in an ecologist to discuss environmental impacts of the planned path. The ecologist suggested moving the entrance to a different spot along the road frontage and pointed out a possible toxic dump site.

Yep, a possible toxic dump site. A bunch of rusted out metal barrels that held fuck knows what when they were dumped in the ravine.

Mr. B and Sunshine thought it was only a few barrels and were going to just remove them, but when Mr. B went to start he discovered that the pile went deeper than anticipated. Proper removal begins this weekend.

The road/driveway work begins in earnest this weekend as well. They will have to clear out a new entrance to the property; however, that entrance will meet up with the path we cleared a few weeks ago, so that effort wasn’t all wasted. The original entrance will still serve as a hunting entrance and alternate way in as well.

I’m excited about the road work starting in earnest this weekend, as Mr. B has decided that the best course of action is to have professionals grade and surface the driveway. It appears that Mr. B and Sunshine are far more excited than I am about this, as they both seem to think that we can just move the magic bus in there as soon as a well is drilled. I had to burst Sunshine’s bubble by reminding him that relying on a generator for our electricity needs 24/7/365 was just a bad idea on so many levels that it wasn’t even remotely funny. I also had to remind him that a proper septic system was absolutely necessary.

I get it. I really do. He wants out. His work is physically demanding. His employees are a bunch of assholes and idiots. At his age, the physical labor beats his body up. At his age, he has zero tolerance for assholiness and stupidity. None of that makes it a good idea to jump into this half cocked.

In recovery, we are constantly reminded that the 12 steps are in order for a reason, and that they are to be worked in the order in which they are presented to us. The work in the first step builds a foundation for the second step, which lays a foundation for the third, and so on. If I don’t have a proper foundation built by working steps one through eleven, then I have nothing to offer anybody by carrying the message as required by step twelve.

Just like recovery, this new adventure is a process. There are things that have to be done before we can go live sustainably in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. Those things have to be done in order.

I get it. I want out too.

We just have to take the proper steps to make it happen

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