Apparently, I have been hoarding yarn

I like to crochet when it starts cooling off outside. I made so many things last year: amigurumi Christmas ornaments, coasters, scarves, hats…

I had some yarn left over and stashed it in my craft chest through the summer. Well, summer is thinking about winding down, so I have started stocking up on yarns again in anticipation of all the crocheting I think I’m going to do once the temperatures drop. I bought some clearance yarns here and there, I ordered some yarns off the internet, I bought some destash yarns at the charity shop in town, and I bought some non-clearance yarns that were just right for making Christmas ornaments.

And then I forgot how much yarn I had bought and ordered, and I went shopping and bought some yarn to make some things. In my defense, it was some really killer deals on some rather nice yarns. But when I got them home, I couldn’t fit them in my craft chest.

So I did what any logical person would do in that situation. I took the freshly purchased yarns and placed them on the sofa and I dragged some of the other yarns out of my craft chest to start making a list of what I was making and what yarn I would use for it. This entailed a call to my mom to find out about favorite colors and stuff for my family’s gifts, which meant that the mess I had strewn everywhere got ignored while my mom and I had a long and enjoyable conversation.

A few minutes after I got off the phone with my mom, my friend showed up to visit and saw the mess. As we chatted about the mess I began crying because I suddenly remembered that I had so much yarn en route to me that I had ordered off the internet and then promptly forgotten I had ordered it and I didn’t know where I was going to put the yarns that were strewn around my house much less the ones that hadn’t arrived yet.

Thank heaven my friend has some good sense and a “do-it-or-else” tone of voice that only a mother can have. She made me empty the entire craft chest. All of it.

I almost vomited when I realized just how bad it was.

Thank heaven my friend had lots of good sense and lots of maternal instinct. She made me look at each item in the pile and honestly decide if I was truly going to use it or not. Stuff that wouldn’t get used got handed to her to disappear into a bag never to be seen by me again.

I handed over craft paints, modge podge glue (what the hell is modge podge glue, anyway?), an old wallet that was falling to pieces, bits and pieces of an old broken windchime that had been a gift from my Sunshine, squeakers from dog toys that Mollie had killed, a red sharpie, some bottle caps, some yarn I will not use not now not never, and some scarves that I will never wear. I fought hard to retain the dust bag for my handbag and the metallic sharpies, and moved several items from my craft chest to one of Sunshine’s cabinets.

Then I began sorting the yarn into two piles: things I know I’m going to use soon to make gifts and ornaments, and things I will use but who knows when. I had to play one hell of a game of tetris to get it all to fit into the chest, but I did it. And for the moment, I’m going to pretend that there aren’t several shipments of yarn still en route to me via the usps.


2 thoughts on “Apparently, I have been hoarding yarn

  1. Once all Christmas gifts have been made, I will probably do exactly this because some projects don’t use all the yarn but then I don’t want thee rest but can’t bear to throw it away. Which is how the hoard got started in the first place. Thanks for reminding me I don’t have to keep what I don’t need–there are alternatives to landfills.


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