The beginnings of a fence

Ultimately, we want to take the property we are moving to and create a self-sufficient community. That means growing vegetables and fruits, hunting our own meat, and all that happy stuffs. We also want to minimize expenses as much as possible, which means finding a way to reduce the property taxes drastically.

Mr. B has done much research into the various ways to reduce property taxes. The first method that we are implementing is to make sure there are as few permanent structures as possible, which only makes sense as most tiny houses are on wheels anyway. The second method we hope to implement is to apply for an ag exemption. That means we have to have cows or some shit. I think they’ve decided on goats.

Either way, we need a fence around the property. There are existing fences on a couple of the property lines, as the neighbors have cow pastures. Good, less work for us.

Sunshine went this weekend and began stringing barbed wire fencing along the street side of the property. I stayed my happy ass at home because I know jack shit about stringing barbed wire and have so much less upper body strength than Sunshine does. I also have little endurance. My COPD makes it difficult to sustain any sort of frenetic pace or strenuous efforts for very long, so I can either hit it hard for a few hours or take frequent breaks and last most of the day. Thank heaven Sunshine sees my inability to be much help with this project as a problem that money can solve–he took a couple of strong gentlemen with him that wanted to make some extra cash this weekend.

Side note: Sunshine LIKES to have the kind of problems that money can solve. There is always some way to come up with money to solve those problems. It’s the problems that money can’t solve that he doesn’t like, and I truly believe he is on to something very profound there.

I digress.

So this weekend, Sunshine has created the beginnings of a fence, and has installed a gate on the rough driveway that we started creating last weekend.

Slowly but surely, things are progressing along!


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