Craving real food

I’m a junk food junkie.

I’m not proud of it. It isn’t how I was raised. It isn’t what I know to be good for my body and the planet. Yet there it is, in all its ugly truth.

Over the last few years, I have gotten better about not eating obvious crap like twinkies or honeybuns and calling it food. However, I still crave something salty or something sweet quite often. Both of those cravings SUCK, because Sunshine has high blood pressure and diabetes so I try not to bring too much of either into the house.

So this past weekend, while we were over in the middle of buttfuck nowhere working on a road, we ate a lot of fast food. It was ridiculous, really. Gas station food, drive through hamburgers, greasy spoon diner hamburgers, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

Monday I had to make do with whatever crap I could forage in the cabinets and fridge since a grocery run was in order and I had too much laundry to do to make it to the local, not-insanely-huge Kroger. Graham crackers and milk was what I called lunch on Monday. Monday night, Sunshine and I were speaking at a recovery meeting, so we grabbed some Wendy’s and stuffed our pieholes as we drove. The fries we didn’t cram in our pieholes went into a bag and got stuffed in my oversized handbag. You know, in case I wanted a snack later. (Don’t judge. I’ve eaten week-old donuts and three year old protein bars as a stagehand, day old potato chips as a college student, and once I even ate a candy bar of indeterminate age on my own free time.)

Yesterday, I finally got to make that kroger run I so desperately needed to make.

The weirdest shit happened.

I didn’t buy any chips, muffins, cupcakes, cookies….

I was craving real food. Fruits and vegetables and shit. Stuff that generally doesn’t come in plastic or Styrofoam packaging. Stuff that is made of ingredients I can actually pronounce. Stuff that even Sunshine can eat, with his high blood pressure and diabetes and statin pills for cholesterol and all that jazz.

The closest thing to junk food that I bought was chocolate milk.

Imagine my surprise when I found those very same fries last night after my Kroger run and all the papers that trip generated (receipts, lists, coupons, etc) made it necessary to clean out my purse. I was kinda grossed out.

I don’t know if I’m completely relieved of my seemingly eternal cravings for potato chips and red velvet cake, but I sure hope so. I’m pretty sure I’ll be flushing crap from this past weekend out of my system for at least another month.

And if I do ever find myself craving something salty or something sweet, I think I’ll go organic. At least I can pronounce the ingredients in organic foods, right?

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