Building a road

So this weekend, Sunshine and I went to Mr. B’s house and spent some time with him. Our mission for the weekend was to get a road of sorts put in at the property that will eventually become our home.

I don’t know what, exactly, I was expecting, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Mr. B going all tasmanian devil on some dirt and trees and shit with a bobcat type machine.

Now, in Mr. B’s defense, he didn’t take down any large trees. He took down a lot of dead trees that needed to come down, and he deliberately planned his route to avoid large living trees. Most of what he took down was small trees that really weren’t as big as most people’s landscape bushes. He also used the natural features of the property whenever possible, and large sections of the road will run through natural clearings that were already there.

Mr. B hopped in this machine and drove into the property and didn’t look back unless we made him. He was a remarkably skilled equipment operator, and watching him bulldoze a path was almost like watching a film in fast-forward. Occasionally, he would lift the bucket of the machine up and just spin around to quickly knock down the tree branches that needed to be pruned. It was hilarious to watch.

Mr. B managed to make about fiftybasquillion times more progress than either Sunshine or I thought possible. Mr. B cleared out the beginnings of the official road/driveway until we reached a ravine that we will have to build a bridge over. At that point he branched off and followed a clearing to a different (and much shallower) spot in the ravine and crossed it to clear a path to the clearing where we are all hoping to live in the future. (side note: the clearing is basically covered in wild sage plants and surrounded by cedar trees. The smell is unbelievably good!)

But Mr. B didn’t stop there. He cleared a path from the front of the property all the way to the prime hunting grounds in the back. In less than 16 hours of work time, Mr. B managed to create a mile long road. We are one step closer to getting more off grid!


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