WTF Sunshine

Sunshine and his buddy Mr. B seem to think that we’ll be able to move to the middle of buttfuck nowhere once we build a road/driveway, get electrical service, and drill a well.

You may be wondering why we wouldn’t be able to move there once we have those things handled.

There’s an important one missing.


Sunshine and Mr. B seem to think that we can just put in a portapotty.

WTF Sunshine?

That is not okay.

I’m not leaving my house every time I have to pee.

Sunshine’s response to that? Just pee inthe toilet in the magic bus.

Which would be perfectly acceptable if we had some sort of septic system or sewer to dump the holding tank into.

Sunshine’s response? We’ll just run a line and dump the pee in the woods. People have been peeing in the woods for tens of thousands of years.

He’s overlooking the fact that all those people peeing in the woods for the last several tens of thousands of years have been randomly pissing here or there, rather than dumping an entire 40something gallon tank of pee and toilet paper on one spot in the woods repeatedly.

Sunshine’s response? A look of disgust on his face as he remembers that, unlike him, I use toilet paper when I pee.

I think he’s realized that we might need a septic system of some sort before we can move out there full time.


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