Well, that sucked

So a few weeks ago, I noticed that the window unit was dripping onto the couch. so I call Sunshine and tell him about it. And what does he have to say? “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

Yeah. That ended well.

Yesterday, it dumped a bunch of water on Sunshine’s elbow. Which made him yank the back cushion off the couch so we could mop up the water.

What we discovered was a little shop of horrors. The backs of all the couch cushions were soaked. The cushions for the back, the cushions for the ass, all of them. The couch was so drenched that there was even water puddled underneath the couch.

He went outside to deal with the air conditioner while I began cleanup. We took the back cushions to the dryer at the on-site laundromat while I took the hair dryer to the ass cushions and he began troubleshooting the air conditioner.

We finally gave up on solving the problem while the air conditioner was suspended through the window and pulled it. The moment he got it outside to open it up to investigate, I I closed the window and covered it in reflectix bubble foil. We are looking to reduce our electricity usage, right?

I finally gave up on EVER getting the ass cushions completely dry because the hair dryer was making me sweat like a fucking buffalo, and I sprayed them with vinegar and returned them to their home on the couch.

As I pushed the couch back into place, one of Sunshine’s mountain man prints decided to fall off the wall and land on the couch. The glass shattered into a million pieces and glass splinters went flying.

Thank heaven the print itself wasn’t damaged.

I borrowed the neighbors shop vac and cleaned up the mess and put the sofa away. While I had the vacuum I sucked all the dirt and hair out of the floor vent for the heater and installed a filter on the vent grate.

Several hours later, we had finally restored order in the house and had sandwiches and ice cream for dinner because fuck it.


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