It’s raining

It’s raining here in the ArkLaTex for the first time in months. Which means I had a perfect excuse to stay inside and sit on my ass. I needed a day like that.

I took advantage of the time on my arse to crochet some things. My girl Tia had gifted me some yarn that was left over after I crocheted her some flowers for her wedding bouquets, and I wanted to make her and Mr. Tia and their little puppy some Christmas ornaments with some of the yarn. It’s been therapeutic, just sitting here with my little Mollie and enjoying the couch.

It’s also been therapeutic to make something. I’ve grown disgusted with the gross consumerism that has become western society. Nobody makes anything anymore, everybody just buys a bunch of cheap plastic crap. (OK, I’m over-generalizing there. I know many people who are actually very crafty and very talented. Sadly, in murica, they are the exception rather than the rule.)

Once I finish the ornaments for Tia, Mr. Tia, and Mr. & Mrs. Tia’s puppy, I intend to make some reusable swiffer mopper pads. I love the ease of my swiffer, I love how my swiffer device fulfills the function of two devices, I love my swiffer mopper thingie. What I do not love about my swiffer is all the waste it creates. Disposable dry mopper pads, disposable wet mopper pads, the containers all of those disposable pads come in…it’s just not good, not good at all.

Some crafty folks out there on the good old internets have figured out how to make their own reusable swiffer pads and have been kind enough to share their patterns freely with anyone who wants to use them. I’ve saved a couple of different patterns and will be making one of each to see which pattern makes the pads that best fill my needs.This undertaking makes me smile. I don’t like the culture of disposability that surrounds me. I don’t like all of the waste that it creates. I don’t like the way people and the planet are exploited to make all this shit.

Now, I probably should get back to crocheting. When Sunshine comes home, he’s probably going to track mud through the house and I’ll be needing those reusable swiffer mopper pads.


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