Laundry used to be this beast that I wrestled with every few days. I’d wait until the laundry hamper was literally exploding out of the closet that it hides in before I dealt with the mess. That inevitable led to multiple trips across the RV park, schlepping multiple loads of dirty clothes to the industrial sized oven un-air-conditioned laundry facility and then schlepping them back home when they were done. It also involved at least an hour of folding and putting away. I hated laundry days with a purple passion.

Now that I’ve got my little laundry pod, I don’t much mind laundry. Every morning, I wash the clothes we dirtied the day before and I hang them out to dry. The only time it becomes a chore is when I, for whatever reason, didn’t do laundry the day before. On those rare occasions when I am facing multiple days worth of clothes, I generally run out of clothesline to hang them on.

Space constraints are one of the biggest drawbacks of living in an RV park. Poor little Mollie doesn’t have much room to just run around and check things out. Poor puppy won’t even do her business inside the little fence we built to keep her on our little lot.

So moving to the middle of buttfuck nowhere has its upsides. Mollie will be able to run around and check stuff out, and I will be able to hang more than a few items out to dry. Like sheets.

Note to self: next time you take the sheets and towels to the laundry, go ahead and use the dryers there because YOU DON’T HAVE ROOM TO HANG THEM OUT TO DRY AT HOME!

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