10 things about me

1. My name is Cindy and I’m and addict. I’ve been clean since April 3, 2005.

b) My better half is named Sunshine and our furbaby is named Mollie. Mollie is smarter than both Sunshine and myself: if you ask her what time it is, she just looks at you like you’re an idiot and grabs a toy and starts to play.

c) I suck at math.

4) I live in the magic bus, a 36′ class A motorcoach with slideout living room and next to no closet space. It also has a relatively small carbon footprint–which is important.

5e) I was a redhead for a lot of years but that shit came out of a bottle and 5f) I am letting it go natural, which is a beautiful shade of white

6) I have COPD

7) I am over 40 years old and that’s all I’m saying about that

8) I love coffee, diet dr pepper, and chocolate milkshakes. UPDATE: I have traded the diet Dr Pepper for peach flavored sparkling water. Still love my coffee and chocolate milkshakes.

9) I like giraffes

eleventy) I only own one handbag (UPDATE: I now own an evening clutch bag, thanks to my sister’s wedding)


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