One step forward

Rude Ass has gotten as far as he can with our electrical stuff. Now he’s waiting on us to go buy the actual light fixtures and such. That won’t happen until after the ceiling is done and then Rude Ass can seal the ceiling and reclaimed wood walls. 

Well, the ceiling is mostly done. He just has to do the bathroom now. Which can’t be done until somebody has run the plumbing for the rain shower head I want in the ceiling of the shower. 

I’m tired of one thing being held up because another thing isn’t done. I’m ready to be in our little house.


Apparently, we got adopted

The neighbors across the street came into possession of a litter of tiny kittens. One day, some of the kittens wandered over for a visit. Most of them turned tail and ran back home when they saw all the dogs we have over here.

Two of them stayed a while, then I took them home. Later that night, Mr B found them on his front porch and fed them.

Weeks later, they’re still here. Getting fat, too.

Famous last words…

“I’ll deal with that tomorrow.”

Except I never do. Between work, building a house, and chronic illness? I’ve been putting off a lot of shit because I don’t have the time or energy to deal with it.

I’m looking around this morning, and I’m seeing how that’s worked out for me. Hint: not very well at all.

So today, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I strained some muscles yesterday at work, I’ve got some of Sunshine’s work pants that need a button sewn on them (although, seeing as how this is the 3rd or 4th time for this particular pair of pants it’s probably time to retire them), 

a pair of Sunshine’s pajamas to replace the drawstring in, 

a truck bed full of rotting pumpkins to add to the compost heap plus mums to transplant,

laundry to do, 

a house to clean, 

dinner to plan and cook, Christmas gifts to start making,

and a whole host of other things I’m sure I’m forgetting about. 

I guess the moral of this story is that procrastination is a silent killer. 

Final note: Sunshine just spontaneously announced that he probably needs to go buy some work pants, and that new pajamas were probably a good idea too. Maybe it DID pay to procrastinate?

Changing seasons

The weather seems to have shifted. The days are cooler, the nights are a bit chilly. The malice seems to be gone from the afternoon heat.

For many people, this would be the time to do a seasonal wardrobe changeover. For me, not so much. After my first seasonal wardrobe changeover in the magic bus (which involved crawling around under the bed and pulling out giant bags of clothes), I decided FUCK THAT NOISE. Since then, I have maintained a wardrobe that fits into the amount of storage space I have for it, all seasons included.

This year has been a bit different. I’ve gained weight, so I’ve had to buy new clothes. It hasn’t been fun, but I definitely didn’t want to be caught unaware this winter like I was last winter. I think I’m as prepared as can be now, clothes-wise. 

Which means I can turn my attention to staying warm in the magic bus. Winter sucks in an RV. Even with the added insulation, it just stays cold in here. We keep extra comforters to pile on the bed each winter, and we have an electric blanket between the mattress topper and the mattress. We have a couple of ceramic electric heaters to supplement the central furnace units.

Side note: we actually never run the back furnace unit. The ducts run under the bed, and I am NOT cleaning all the stuff out of there with nowhere to put it to prevent a fire, so we just improvise. It actually gets stupid hot back there with the ceramic heater on a low setting.

This morning, I came to the conclusion that it’s time to think about digging out the extra comforters. Of course, no matter when I dig them out, Sunshine will bitch because they make him hot at night. I don’t care. I don’t want to be cold, so he can just suck it up buttercup and only use as many or few as he wants.

I was hoping to be done with our little house before seasonal changeover time, but that isn’t happening. Rude Ass is about halfway done installing the ceiling, and Sunshine is only halfway done with the chimney. They’ll both be working on the place today, so hopefully Sunshine and Biff will be finishing the interior and exterior walls soon. Once all that is done, we get to dive into the fun stuff. Lights, cabinets,  tile, appliances… Hopefully,  they’ll have my safe room/closet emptied out soon (everybody is storing their tools in there for now) so that I can paint the inside and get started moving things in there that will eventually get installed there.

Now, I’m off to get ready for work, because hurricane Bossman waited until the last minute to inform me that he has to make a hotshot run to get us more mums since the pig ate the ones we didn’t sell from the last shipment. I’ll definitely be packing some extra layers, because it can stay fairly chilly inside the shop.

the view from down here

This morning, I got to looking for a very specific piece of paper with some very important notes on it.

Somehow, that lead to me lying here in the floor with a bruised arm, a bruised ass, and an aching head from falling off of a 1′ high stool. Or missing it when I went to sit on it. Tomayto tomahto.

I can’t even find motivation to get up. Because I’m imagining how funny it would be if Sunshine came home to find me dead in the floor, buried in an avalanche of random crap.

Think I’m lying?

Send search and rescue now, please.

Marshmallow poop

My little house is being invaded by marshmallow poop.

Sunshine picked up the shiplap for our ceiling before he headed out of town for a quick-paying repair job. Yesterday, Rude Ass and I got started on installing it. 

We have this giant stack of pine shiplap: 

Side note: Mollie looks so TINY in this picture. She’s such a huge part of my life that I forget how little she actually is.

We had to set up a small section of scaffolding and put wheels on it so it doesn’t squeak like fingernails on chalkboard when we move it.

The beginning:

He’s having to trim the spray foam insulation, which means that there’s marshmallow poop flying around, which oddly delights me to no end.

Hopefully, Rude Ass doesn’t run me off the job site for laughing my ass off at the marshmallow poop. 

Lesson learned

This spring, I reached something of a crisis with my mental health. The anxiety I had been struggling with became too much, and Sunshine told me I had to see a doctor. He was right; I was losing the ability to even function. 

My primary started me on an antidepressant, and referred me to the mental health care clinic in this area. I’ve done my intake and turned in my financial paperwork that was required; now I’m just waiting for them to call me to schedule an appointment. 

Yesterday, I had to go see my primary to get a refill on my antidepressants. While I was there, they took my vital signs. My blood pressure was off the charts, so I was prescribed a blood pressure medications. I also had an anxiety attack right there in the doctor’s office. 

Once I got home, I reached out to my dear friend Tia for a chat. As she and I chatted, I remembered that I had been using one of those OTC steroid nasal sprays heavily since I was out of zyrtec. The steroids could have elevated my blood pressure,  and they definitely ratchet up my anxiety. The insomnia, the jitters, the anxiety–reasons I don’t take steroids.

So, steroids raised my blood pressure, having high blood pressure made me anxious, and being anxious raised my blood pressure even more. It was a vicious cycle.

As soon as I walked out of the doctor’s office,  I called my sponsor. I didn’t want to use, thank heaven. However, left to my own devices, I’ll take half doses of my meds or not take them at all. I’ll also sit and stew in my anxiety, which just continues to feed the cycle. My sponsor saved me a lot of wallowing in misery, and I’m grateful. 

I suppose that the lesson here is this: no more fucking steroids for me. Not now, not never.

Lesson learned.